Mindfulness Immersion

In partnership with Beth Jellinek, I lead Mindfulness Immersions.  The simplest definition of mindfulness is noticing what is happening now. In this half-day workshop, we teach practical skills for decreasing stress and experiencing the power that awareness of mind/body/heart without judgment brings. This is a way for you to be more present and connected to your daily life, whether you're engaging with others or sitting quietly alone.



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Mindfullness Immersion




Massage & Bodywork Workshops

Check out the self-massage and couples' massage workshops I offer.  Motivated by my desire to amp up your felt-sense awareness and power to effect how you feel, I share tools to work on yourself and others, safely and with as much enjoyment as possible.  Whatever the focus, I'll be weaving in anatomy that shines light on the magic of our substantive selves.



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Upcoming Workshops